Fresh Cream & Fruit Dessert Cake

From 32.00

Product Description

Layered cake with a light, soft sponge with fresh cream and pieces of fresh fruit in each layer. Our fresh cream cakes are then topped with fresh cream, piping and vermicelli on the sides.

You have a choice of plain sponge, fresh cream and peaches OR  chocolate sponge, fresh cream and pear filling.

This delicious fresh cream cake is available in a variety of sizes:

7 x 7 ”     approx. 10-12 servings

7 x 11  ”  approx. 16-18 servings

7 x 14 ”   approx. 20-24 servings

11 x 14 ” approx. 36-38 servings

14 x 14 ” approx. 45-55 servings